Walking Out of Pain: Part 1

Kris inspires us to not be afraid of pain. Pain has a purpose, so it is important to go through it, and not around it.

There's Always Enough

Kris shares a prophetic teaching about understanding the season we are in, and having hope to believe what God has promised.

Rebuilding Your Walls

How do we see the walls of our lives being restored? Often times when we are in the midst of restoration, we will encounter troubles and trials. During those trials, we must remember that God is with us and He has already given us the victory. It is only when we win our personal victories that we will receive our corporate anointing.

Fatherhood and Family

Kris reviews some elementary principles of the Kingdom and focuses on the foundation of honor, supporting leaders, knowing your identity as a son/daughter of the King and remaining humble before the Lord. Jesus never said "Go out and make Christians" He said "Go out and make disciples". There is an element of discipline that comes from the honor of serving the Lord.

Fighting Words

When you are in battle, remind yourself of the words, promises, and prophetic words that God has spoken over your life. The prophetic declarations that are spoken over your life will become one of the greatest weapons when going through spiritual battles. The battles we go through in life is to develop strength.

When Heaven Initiates Conference - Session 2

Kris Vallotton speaking at HRock Church in Pasadena, CA for the When Heaven Initiates Conference. Session 2.

Nothing Hidden

God sees past outward appearance into the heart. The heart is what He is most interested in. In the Bible, the word "truth" means "nothing hidden." God wants a people who have nothing hidden.

January '08

Kris and Todd discuss developing friendships, how to have healthy relationships, promotion, issues of the heart, vision, and prayer.

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