Prophecy & Prophets: Part 7

Kris continues his series on prophets by concluding his message about false prophets.

Prophecy & Prophets: Part 3

Kris explains how the new covenant transforms the office of a prophet and the gift of prophecy.

Moral Revolution

The world perverts sex but the kingdom celebrates it! Is it possible that there is so much sexual perversion in the world because the church has largely kept silent about what God thinks about it? The truth is that we have something positive to say about sex and the world is desperate to hear it!

Writing into Eternity

Kris shares the power of writing. When we write down the things that God reveals to us, those revelations can be passed from generation to generation.

There's Always Enough

Kris shares a prophetic teaching about understanding the season we are in, and having hope to believe what God has promised.

Fatherhood and Family

Kris reviews some elementary principles of the Kingdom and focuses on the foundation of honor, supporting leaders, knowing your identity as a son/daughter of the King and remaining humble before the Lord. Jesus never said "Go out and make Christians" He said "Go out and make disciples". There is an element of discipline that comes from the honor of serving the Lord.

A Prophetic Vision

I have a sense that our country is improving. I had this vision of God blowing or breathing on this continent as Jesus breathed on His disciples and said,"receive the Holy Spirit." It wasn't a suggestion but a command. I saw the nation turning blood red from the east coast to the west coast.

Truth from The 7 Pillars of Society Series

What did the devil use in the wilderness to try and destroy the Christ? The Scriptures! The most powerful weapon used against Christians is religion, and religion is the Bible without the Spirit. The Bible isn't always true. The Bible handled by the Spirit is true. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

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