Managing Your Strengths - Part 1

Thankfulness is of utmost importance. By maintaining our eyes on what we've been given, we can continually enjoy gratitude that keeps us humble and reminds us of where we came from.

Created to Worship

God's original intention was to have a whole kingdom of people that were invited in to worship Him. Worship is a lifestyle; it is a part of who we are.

Prophets and Nations

God wants to transform the world, and there's more than 1 way to do it. Kris shares the 6 different types of prophets, and how God uses different people to accomplish different things. God has called prophets to make friends with the world.

Our Call to Worship

We were created to worship. Worship isn't something you do; it is something you are. The Father isn't looking for worship; He is looking for worshippers.

Managing Your Strengths - Part 2

We must learn how to manage our strengths and steward the favor in our lives. Sometimes when we live in a season of prosperity, we get complacent and stop sowing into the next season. We must remember how we got here and why we are here so that we can continue experiencing greater measures of abundance.

Living In Graceland

It is an insult to the cross to live in an Old Testament mindset. Jesus died so He could seat us in heavenly places with Him. The New Testament covenant is full of grace, love, and forgiveness. We were born for heaven, created for glory, it was never God's choice to create hell. The goal of the Last Days is to give grace to people who don't deserve it.

Nothing Hidden

God sees past outward appearance into the heart. The heart is what He is most interested in. In the Bible, the word "truth" means "nothing hidden." God wants a people who have nothing hidden.

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