moral revolution

Moral Revolution

The world perverts sex but the kingdom celebrates it! Is it possible that there is so much sexual perversion in the world because the church has largely kept silent about what God thinks about it? The truth is that we have something positive to say about sex and the world is desperate to hear it!


Kris discusses sexual purity with School of Worship students. The value of your virginity is in the blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to get from the battlefield to the bedroom.

Living in Wholeness

We need to love and care for our entire being, not just our spirits. We are meant to be lead by the spirit, but that doesn't mean the soul and body are bad-- it means our spirit is to lead them. If we are new creations in Christ, our entire being is good, and we need to learn how to manage it to be well.

Supernatural Marriage

Kris and Kathy discuss men and women, marriage, and walking out relationship in covenant, for better or worse.  

The Marrying Kind

Kris & Kathy discuss marriage and how to walk out relationship in healthy ways.  

Fathers to Nations

Kris discusses what it means for us to be "fathers of nations."  

Spiritual Fathers, Sonship, Covenant, Church Planting

Kris and Todd discuss spiritual fathers and related issues such as sonship, covenant, church planting, and Kris also gives some of his thoughts about the "emergent church" movement. 

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