Prophecy & Prophets: Part 3

Kris explains how the new covenant transforms the office of a prophet and the gift of prophecy.

Following Jesus

Kris shares what it means to truly be followers of Jesus. Instead of just winning converts to Christianity, we need to foster followers of Jesus.

The Original Women's Liberation Movement

Jesus loved, taught and empowered women throughout his ministry on earth. He encouraged them to demonstrate the feminine side of God: passion! When Jesus died, the curse over women was broken, and women are now free.

The Truth about Truth

The goal of the Bible is not to know the Bible - the goal is to know the author. The Bible is written in such a way that you need the Spirit of God to know how to apply the Word of God.

Created to Worship

God's original intention was to have a whole kingdom of people that were invited in to worship Him. Worship is a lifestyle; it is a part of who we are.

Hope: The Divine X-Factor

Faith sees; hope feels; and love never fails. There is actually no such thing as blind faith, because faith sees what is not yet visible, hopes for what is not yet viable, and trusts long before someone is reliable.

Truth from The 7 Pillars of Society Series

What did the devil use in the wilderness to try and destroy the Christ? The Scriptures! The most powerful weapon used against Christians is religion, and religion is the Bible without the Spirit. The Bible isn't always true. The Bible handled by the Spirit is true. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

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