last days

Apostolic Eschatology

Kris explains what it means to have an apostolic view of the end times. The world is getting better and better, and the promises of God are for our generation.

The Book Leads to the Author

It's one thing to know the words of God in the Bible-- its another thing to know the person of the Living Word, Jesus Himself, that Author. If knowing the words of the Bible meant having a good relationship with God, the Pharisees would have rocked-- they had the whole thing memorized! The Bible is meant to bring us into conversation and relationship with God.

Influencing Nations

The world is on the verse of massive change, and even though it looks very dark in some ways, God has a plan! We are in the birth pangs of a new world. 2012 is the year of shifting governments, as the church rises to take her place on the world stage, bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth.

Living from Eternity

In this revelatory teaching, Kris Vallotton clarifies the difference between living for eternity and living from eternity. Every Believer knows that God wants all of us to live in Heaven with Him when we die. But many Christians haven't recognized that we are called to live from the celestial realm now because we are seated in heavenly places with Christ.

Creation's Redemption

Kris continues his message on Creation's Redemption. The second command from the Lord was for man to care for the earth. Creation is groaning for the day when the children of God realize that they are glorious sons and daughters of the King and begin to co-reign with God. When Adam and Eve sinned they brought both themselves and creation under the curse.

Living In Graceland

It is an insult to the cross to live in an Old Testament mindset. Jesus died so He could seat us in heavenly places with Him. The New Testament covenant is full of grace, love, and forgiveness. We were born for heaven, created for glory, it was never God's choice to create hell. The goal of the Last Days is to give grace to people who don't deserve it.

A Pattern For Nations

There is a new move of God, with new mindsets, leading to cultural transformation. Our eschatology is working against our ecology. What we believe about the end effects the way we treat the planet. Cities and nations are being restored, as it becomes "on earth as it is in heaven."

Dirge or Dance? (Pasadena)

Kris discusses different epoch seasons, and the one we find ourselves in currently, and how to live in it.  

Nothing Hidden

God sees past outward appearance into the heart. The heart is what He is most interested in. In the Bible, the word "truth" means "nothing hidden." God wants a people who have nothing hidden.

Living From Victory

We are meant to live from heaven towards earth.

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