Steps to Successful Living in the Kingdom: Part 2

Kris continues teaching on keys to successful living in the Kingdom by highlighting the importance of being thankful. Thankfulness is the door to happiness and the gate to Heaven. It is like a field that must be cultivated, weeded and seeded, and humility is like the soil that cultivates a thankful heart.

Apostolic Eschatology

Kris explains what it means to have an apostolic view of the end times. The world is getting better and better, and the promises of God are for our generation.

Supernatural Ways of Royalty

We used to be paupers but now we have become kings. God created us to rule and reign with Christ, in the here and now.

Governmental Authority

Apostles are fathers and they are like master builders who receive a mission (blueprint) from heaven. When we are in submission to the mission, we get authority through being commissioned.

Living from Eternity

In this revelatory teaching, Kris Vallotton clarifies the difference between living for eternity and living from eternity. Every Believer knows that God wants all of us to live in Heaven with Him when we die. But many Christians haven't recognized that we are called to live from the celestial realm now because we are seated in heavenly places with Christ.

Standing at the Threshold of History

Does history define men, or do men define history? There is a movement coming that is going to redefine the church. We are moving into new territory. We are being sent into the darkness to be like leaven and advance the kingdom.

A Pattern For Nations

There is a new move of God, with new mindsets, leading to cultural transformation. Our eschatology is working against our ecology. What we believe about the end effects the way we treat the planet. Cities and nations are being restored, as it becomes "on earth as it is in heaven."

January '08

Kris and Todd discuss developing friendships, how to have healthy relationships, promotion, issues of the heart, vision, and prayer.

Open Heavens with Che

Todd interviews Che during the "Open Heavens" conference about his life and ministry. 

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