Walking, Leaping, & Praising God

We were made to live as a whole person in spirit, soul, and body. When Jesus healed people, He healed in a way so that the person would become a whole person. In this message, Kris shares how to live a lifestyle of wholeness.

Healing of the Heart

Kris shares the process of healing the heart, after a crisis or tragedy. He shares the importance of taking time to grieve, while not being afraid to feel pain.

Living in Wholeness

We need to love and care for our entire being, not just our spirits. We are meant to be lead by the spirit, but that doesn't mean the soul and body are bad-- it means our spirit is to lead them. If we are new creations in Christ, our entire being is good, and we need to learn how to manage it to be well.

Hope and Disappointment

In a culture of hope we have to learn how to deal with disappointment. Focus on what God has done, not what He hasn't done. We're not so fragile. Step over the disappointment and keep moving forward in your destiny.

Living from Eternity

In this revelatory teaching, Kris Vallotton clarifies the difference between living for eternity and living from eternity. Every Believer knows that God wants all of us to live in Heaven with Him when we die. But many Christians haven't recognized that we are called to live from the celestial realm now because we are seated in heavenly places with Christ.

Paul Young

Kris interviews Paul Young about his life and book, "The Shack."  This was one of the most moving interviews we've ever done!  A must see.  

John & Carol Arnott

Kris interviews John & Carol Arnott about their life, ministry, and message.  Exceptional interview!  

Causer Testimony

Testimony of cancer being healed.

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