The Truth about Truth

The goal of the Bible is not to know the Bible - the goal is to know the author. The Bible is written in such a way that you need the Spirit of God to know how to apply the Word of God.

Living a Virtuous Life

Character matters. Whenever you emphasize grace to the place where you take away personal responsibility, you have a different gospel. There's no question that God gave you the grace to do what you do. The question is, what do you do with the grace God gave you?

Living in Wholeness

We need to love and care for our entire being, not just our spirits. We are meant to be lead by the spirit, but that doesn't mean the soul and body are bad-- it means our spirit is to lead them. If we are new creations in Christ, our entire being is good, and we need to learn how to manage it to be well.

Truth from The 7 Pillars of Society Series

What did the devil use in the wilderness to try and destroy the Christ? The Scriptures! The most powerful weapon used against Christians is religion, and religion is the Bible without the Spirit. The Bible isn't always true. The Bible handled by the Spirit is true. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

Uncommon Love

From a conference in 2007. We must first learn to obey before we can be friends with God. Passion looks like sacrifice to those who aren't in love. Love transforms lives and re-writes our history. We need to learn to let God love us, and to love ourselves.

Who Do You Say You Are?

The church has become a great slave to Christ, but God is looking for friends. In this cosmic dance with God, the Bridegroom has made a lot of moves on us. What if the next move is ours?

Spiritual Intelligence

"I fear we have exchanged the wisdom of God for the wisdom of men." The world has many problems, the Lord has the answers. It is through relationship and deep intimacy with God that the answers we are searching for will be found.

Discovering Your Spiritual Quotient

Spiritual quotient (SQ), which is defined by Kris as the ability to discern, perceive and judge the spiritual dimensions that are at work in and around you, and manage this realm towards a positive outcome. We are a spirit, that has a soul, that has a body. The most powerful part of our being is our spirit. It is important to learn how to develop and grow this part of our being.

When Heaven Initiates Conference - Session 2

Kris Vallotton speaking at HRock Church in Pasadena, CA for the When Heaven Initiates Conference. Session 2.

Out of Slavery Into Friendship, Part 2

The goal is to move from slavery, to friendship, to matrimony with God. When we learn to obey and be good slaves, we can become God's friends. The slave doesn't know what the master is doing, but friends know things.

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