Success is a Team Sport

Kris talks about walking with the wise. When we walk with the wise, we become like them. We must find a counsel of leaders who will lovingly speak into our lives - people who love us too much to leave us the same!

Cultures That Cultivate World Changers - Part 3

Ultimately, people need love. In the last message of his series "Cultures that Cultivate World Changers," Kris shares how we must create a culture where people are loved even if they make mistakes. Let's love people into their destiny!

How To Mentor

Kris teaches us that in order for us to find our destiny, we have to find our people. We're not supposed to be with everyone, but we're supposed to be with someone. We aren't supposed to be everywhere, but we're supposed to be somewhere. Kris tells us how to discover, develop and deploy others.

Dealing with Dark Seasons

Kris teaches on how to encourage the people around us who are walking through dark times. Sometimes we have to go into warfare with others in order to build them up. We are in a season of encouraging the weak and exhausted, and strengthening the feeble.

Healthy Families

Kris shares 4 foundational core values to building a healthy family.

Giving Your Life Away to Find Joy

Kris shares about finding joy in marriage by giving your life away. Until you find someone to die for, you don't really live.

Covenant Relationships

Kris talks about how covenant relationships should create an unbreakable bond between two people that can endure the hardest of times and any kind of stress.

Marriage & Covenant

Kris & Kathy discuss covenant relationships, with BSSM students. It is only covenantal love that will sustain you through hard times.

How Revival Ends

Kris shares how to protect revival by having healthy relationships and guarding our hearts against offense.

Living a Prophetic Lifestyle

A relationship with God is essential to living a prophetic lifestyle. We must always be looking to God to see what He is saying about our circumstances. Instead of complaining about our circumstances, we should be prophesying into them.

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