Tomb Robber

Kris shares 10 signs that you have been raised from the dead with Christ and are now living a resurrected life.

Healing of the Heart

Kris shares the process of healing the heart, after a crisis or tragedy. He shares the importance of taking time to grieve, while not being afraid to feel pain.

Living In Graceland

It is an insult to the cross to live in an Old Testament mindset. Jesus died so He could seat us in heavenly places with Him. The New Testament covenant is full of grace, love, and forgiveness. We were born for heaven, created for glory, it was never God's choice to create hell. The goal of the Last Days is to give grace to people who don't deserve it.

Old Testament Vs New Testament Prophecy

We are in a new covenant, with new ways. Old testament prophets had a different job description than new testament prophets-- a huge difference. One was a ministry of death, while the other is a ministry of life. We need to make sure that our mindsets and ministries stay on the right side of the cross.

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