Denominationalism to Apostleships

Kris shares how we are moving from "going" to church to "being" the church. One of the first keys to changing the world is teaching people how to think!

Governmental Authority

Apostles are fathers and they are like master builders who receive a mission (blueprint) from heaven. When we are in submission to the mission, we get authority through being commissioned.

Impacting Culture

The church is meant to impact culture with the kingdom and transform society. Apostles and prophets are the foundation of the church, and together they create a vortex in which people become who they are supposed to be. We must become wise as serpents (not just innocent as doves). It is the season of the owls.

A Pattern For Nations

There is a new move of God, with new mindsets, leading to cultural transformation. Our eschatology is working against our ecology. What we believe about the end effects the way we treat the planet. Cities and nations are being restored, as it becomes "on earth as it is in heaven."

Transitions In The Kingdom

We are in the greatest transition in the Kingdom since the time of the Cross. New seasons require new skill sets and mindsets. We are meant to live from the third heaven. The saints have been given the earth.

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